Age: ????

Birthday: ???

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown.

Species: Jiang Shi (wiki article here)

Likes: painting, mahjong, Maya, Li Shui, kung fu movies.

Dislikes: getting frozen when people look at him, holy talismans, small, coffin-like spaces, salt.


Yao doesn't remember much of life. It was an extremely fleeting moment of time for him. His family were quite well off, he remembers that much. The memory ends one morning when he got sick from cholera, and his brother tried to take him to an over-worked hospital. The next thing he knew, he was somewhere cold and dark and cramped. A coffin. He scratched at the lid and screamed for help and frantically tried to escape, but his air was quickly running out, and, struggling for breath, he died.

But death didn't stop him. He broke off his fingernails with effort, but kept scratching at the lid. His heart stopped beating, but he forced his limbs to dig upwards, out of the ground. He had no air to scream, but still he cursed and damned his buriers. He pulled himself out of the ground, and dragged himself towards his old house. He didn't need air, anymore. He was hungry instead.

Yao's family were found dead a week later, with no physical harm done to them. It was as though someone had just sucked their life away while they slept.

It was only when he hid from the sun in a cave the next morning, that he realised what he'd become. The stiffness in his limbs had loosened considerably once he'd drained the chi - the life energy that is in all things but particularly people - out of what used to be his family. He found he couldn't summon up the love he'd once felt for them. After all, he was dead.

Yao spent a long time simply roaming China on his own, somehow illuding capture. He would gladly work for others, as long as he got paid in chi, though they all tended to look down on him. His journeys have allowed him to collect knowledge, to the point where he's a walking library these days. He traveled further west one day, and found two people sleeping deep in a cave in the late evening. They looked worn and beaten, travellers. As he tried to drain the chi from them, he noticed there was none to take. The two were vampires, Maya and Daniel - whose original Chinese name was Li Shui - running from their coven.

Soon enough, Maya and Li Shui became a part of daily life, and they settled in a house in the mountains of Tibet, remote and far away from danger, but not so far that they couldn't hunt for their food. They established a system; Maya and Li Shui would bring back prey, and while they drank the blood, Yao drained the chi.