Vash in Swiss Guard uniform


Age: 24

Birthday: 1st August... ???

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Species: Human

Likes: Guns, chocolate (Swiss), order, a well thought out argument, surprise presents.

Dislikes: magical and supernatural creatures, chaos, people in general, cats, slackers, anyone who makes fun of the Swiss Guard uniform.


After his sister got kidnapped by fairies as a child, Vash followed them to try and fight to get her back. However long it took him, by the time he came back, defeated and empty handed, his home town was empty, and parents long dead. He aged quickly and nearly died, before his sister, desperate despite no longer knowing who he was, begged the faerie queen not to let him die. The queen agreed, but in a michevious trick, reversed his memories and stole every last bit of Sight from him, rendering him Blind to the supernatural world.

Now, every time he dies of old age, as he breathes his last, his body will change back to that of his 15 year old self, as he was when he first tried to save his sister. He loses all his memories from the process, literally being turned into his old self. He can recollect vaguely, if given triggers, but they're like dreams of a past life.

Frustrated, he joined the Hunters to try and find a way to get his sister back, and since stayed as it was the only place he felt like he would aways know.

He occasionally finds mysterious presents in his room from some secret admirer. He has yet to figure out who they're from.

Notable in that he re-trained Gabriel and Antonio himself soon after getting the promotion to head trainer.

He doesn't get on very well with Lovino, seeing him as just a kid who shouldn't get involved in these matters. Lovino disagrees. Vocally.