The Vampire Society symbol.

Basic InfoEdit

Vampire Society is the name given to the international network of vampires that keep the rules and the secrets of vampirism amongst it's members. Every vampire is required to become a member, and most are by default once they are sired by another vampire, who will introduce them. In the event of a rogue vampire that refuses to be introduced even when caught, the Society will often kill them off themselves, rather than let The Hunters get to them and allow them the satisfaction of a kill.

How it works.Edit

The Society operate on a complex network of alliances between individuals and entire covens of vampires. These bonds prevent war from occurring within the groups, something which used to be a common occurrence. As the main source of communication and information for vampires worldwide, they also produce a newspaper of sorts called "The Daily Pulse", as well as a newsletter for younger vampires known as "The Beat" (though the latter is more of a modern addition). These are delivered by messenger bats every evening.

Vampire Society also hold gatherings of senior and high ranking vampires, usually simply to keep relations and alliances between covens and officials close and clean. Generally, there are dinner parties (wherein up to 100 humans are killed and consumed) or grand balls, though occassionally the gatherings are to pass judgement on misbehaving vampires, much like a court would.

It should also be noted that vampires as a species tend to be quite stuck up, so every single one of these gatherings are really stiff and quite boring.