Coat of arms

Coat of Arms (Vatican Branch)

Basic InfoEdit

The Hunters have sworn to protect the humans of the earth from supernatural and evil creatures, no matter what the cost. They are deadly and efficient, and feared by all creatures for their ruthlessness in carrying out what they've set out to do. If you bump into one, and you're a human, you have nothing to fear. But if you come within 1 mile of one, and you're a monster? You better start running, my friend, because they'll be on your tail faster than you can say "Lovecraft".

How it worksEdit

The Hunters are split up into subgroups, mainly by prefered creatures. You have Werewolf Hunters, Vampire Hunters, Exorcists for ghosts and demons, Sea Monster Hunters, Zombie Hunters, so on and so forth. There are some that chose to take on two trades, and thus must carry more weapons on them, though this is usually for creatures who are more uncommon or will likely appear together, such as ghosts and demons. Of course there are some who choose to hunt every species there is going, but they're generally considered either insane or one-off geniuses. Or both.

The group is affiliated with many religious groups, not the least of which being the Vatican itself. It is said that half the reason why supernatural beings avoid churches is because there's likely to be a Hunter in there. The main co-ordinator of the Hunter within the Catholic Church is one young priest, Lovino Vargas. Head guard and trainer of most of the Hunters is the much older Vash Zwingli. His strict adherence to the rules has earned him a lot of his fellow hunters' ire. His swift and precise aim with a gun has earned him a lot of respect.