Age: ????


Birthday: ????

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue-purple

Species: Demon.

Likes: Music, particularly piano, cakes, sweet things, Elizaveta, dismembering people. for fun and profit (but mostly profit).

Dislikes: Hard rock, bitter things, Gilbert , not getting paid, people smoking his ciggerettes, being touched.


A demon under Greed's command, Roderich is a demon doctor on earth purely to take money from those foolish enough to get back-alley surgeries. His partner, Elizaveta of Wrath, buries the bodies of his victims but also helps him sell them on to those who would get their organs off the black market. Like her, Roderich is also of angel stock, and before the Fall was called "Rofocale". His job was an architect, and he prefered to contruct things out of grandiose materials. He lended Lucifer one of his great halls of gold and silver for the high archangel to speak in, and stayed to listen to what he had to say out of curiosity. The other angel's talk of glory once they took power from God enticed Rofocale to act.

He joined Lucifer's army with the intention to fight physically, but he wasn't particularly good at it. The commander of the force he'd joined, Ezriel, suggested he go home, but he refused. So instead, Ezriel made him in charge of the army musicians, and tasked him with getting everyone pumped up. Approaching music the same way he did architecture, he produced such grandiose sound that everyone demanded more, and so roused the army into action. The only person he could not get to enjoy the music was Ezriel's supposed friend, Pruflas. Rofocale thought very little of Pruflas, since the other had run away when he'd first heard Lucifer's speech. How could anyone be satisfied with only this?

After the Fall, Rofocale bounced back the most easily out of the three of them. If he couldn't have all of heaven, he would take all he could from hell, and from Earth too. Ezriel, now called Elizaveta, suggested the two of them work together to trick humans into greed and anger, an easily done thing for this stupid species that God seemed to favor. Rofocale changed his name to Roderich, and began his work.