Age: 31 (Technically deceased)

Birthday: 18th January 1977

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Species: Human

Likes: nice wine, traveling, pancakes, ice cream, a good book.

Dislikes: Alfred, confined spaces, undercooked food, gore and blood, murderers.


Phillipe Fournier emmigrated to the USA when he was 18 in order to attened University there. He met and married a woman he met in his class, Annie Jones, and had a child with her a few years later. However, they divorced not long after his birth, and Annie's poor financial situation gave Phillipe the rare oppertunity to keep the child, Matthew. He raised his son with care and dedication despite having to hold down a job at a translating company at the same time. Soon, his job required that he move from Ohio down to Texas, where he coincidentally ended up sending Matthew to the same school as his half brother Alfred.

Something about Alfred creeped him out from the very start. There was just something subtly off about the boy that he couldn't place, and he avoided him as much as he could because of the uneasy feeling he gave him.

He can't remember what compelled him to go back to France, but he does recall a sudden, overwhelming feeling of homesickness. He went to his parents' house and stayed there for two years, almost too ashamed to go back and face his son. He was greatly relieved that he was forgiven when he came home, and that Annie had taken him in so quickly. To prevent Matthew experiencing any more heartache, he moved in with Annie so the two boys wouldn't be separated now they'd grown so close. Despite his lingering uncertainties about Alfred, he lived with the family for many years.

When Matthew told him Alfred's secret, he was understandably shocked, mostly at his son for lying to him, but also because he had been right all along about Alfred not being all there in the head. In a fit of rage, he proclaimed he would go to the police, but planned to make sure that Matthew had a lighter sentence. Justice, after all, had to be done.

But it soon became apparent that his actions had been too sudden and rash, as Matthew killed himself and Alfred choked Annie to death. Sure he would be next, Phillipe kept on the move around the country, eventually fleeing to France, all the while aware that Alfred was on his tail. With the weight of all those people that Alfred had killed in persuit of him, Phillipe fell into a depression, and planned to drink himself to death. When Francis came to him, he expected to be dragged to hell for his crimes. But instead, he was welcomed to heaven, as he greatly regretted everything he had done, and, after all, was only human. He left his body with Francis, and moved on.