Matthew as an adult


Age: 338

Birthday: 13th Febuary 1672

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue-purple, turn red when hungry, shocked or angered.

Species: Vampire

Likes: Snow, reading, birdwatching, cricket, his family, Alfred, Arthur, cooking, hockey.

Dislikes: arguments, not being able to finish a book, rude people.


A member of the Kirkland Coven, Matthew was turned as a young child not long after Alfred. The two quickly became friends, inseperable on most days. Despite the fact Matthew was originally quite a wild child and Alfred a quiet boy, the two ended up rubbing off on each other so much that their personalities nearly switched, Alfred becoming more confident and cocky where Matthew learned some restraint, becoming meeker and calmer.

After Alfred left, Matthew was devastated. He didn't want to leave Arthur, the man was practically a father to him. He didn't understand why Alfred couldn't stand what he was; it was just natural, right? Cows ate grass, humans ate cows, vampires ate humans. It was just how things went. He tried to go after Alfred, but his friend and adopted brother left on a ship to the Americas, and Matthew knew he couldn't just go. It was bad enough that Arthur had been left crying when Alfred left, Matthew wouldn't do that to him too.

But soon his time serving under Arthur ran out as well. He left on much better terms, changing his last name from Kirkland to Williams as is customary for a vampire starting out on their own. He often visited, and moved to set up his own coven in Canada, since he loved snow. He stayed up north where the nights were longer, and still searched for Alfred on and off, though if his dear friend had found a cure for vampirism he was sure that he would have come and told him.

He invited Arthur over to stay, and accidentally ended up saving him from the Hunters who attacked the the Kirkland house. When he tried to go to Arthur's house to offer comfort and to help him, he was only pushed away, but to this day he still writes letters to him annually, and sends a present at Christmas.