Age: 27

Birthday: 25th March

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Olive

Species: Human

Likes: Cats, philosophy, thinking, cats, sleeping, sex, relaxing, cats, salty food, fish, cats.

Dislikes: Genies, djin, loud people.


Heracles is but one in a long generation of hunters. His mother was a hunter, and he has been raised among hunters all his life, on the road and witnessing the supernatural from a young age. As such, nothing surprises him, ever. Nobody's quite sure who his father is, though he has several theories himself. You'll have a tough time getting them out of him, though, since he doesn't talk much. He prefers to think, and when he does speak, he's very soft and quiet.

When he was 13, he was kidnapped by a Turkish djin, who used Heracles as a shield to escape his mother. The djin, Sadiq, made Heracles carry his magic lamp around by way of tricking him into a contract, and thus binding him to it for seven years. However, once the contract was over, Heracles escaped, and travelled back, alone, to the hunter HQ. He found that his mother had died while he was gone, in the same attack that killed Romulus. He still blames and hates the djin for stealing him away when he could have spent that precious time with his mother. He took up the position of hunter in his mother's place, and vowed to find the djin and kill him, once and for all.