Age: ??

Birthday: ??

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Species: Fairy/Changeling

Likes: Dancing, music, flower arranging, sewing, baking, Vash.

Dislikes: Non-believers, violence, people who stop her from seeing Vash, the gap in her memory.


Heidi can't remember a lot of when she was little. Her memory starts with a dance, jumping from one mushroom to the other on a fairy ring. Her wings came in much later than all the other fairy children, to the point where she didn't think they would come at all. Most of the time she lives a carefree life as a fairy seamstress, but sometimes, she'll slip from the fairy realm to the human world, to follow a boy. She's sure she doesn't know him, but there's some sort of strange connection that brings her back to him, keeps her watching him. She braves churches and holy ground to follow him, knowing that just one word from a priest or holy man will kill her. She is simply compelled to keep watch over him.

Sometimes, she leaves him gifts. He always says he's looking for his sister. Sometimes she shouts "I'm right here!" before she can stop herself, but he never hears, and she can't understand why she does it.