Francis Bonnefoy


Age: 522

Birthday: 4th June 1488

Hair: Dirty blonde (same as currently possessed body)

Eyes: Clear blue.

Species: Ghost.

Likes: Women, men, most things with a pulse, sex, cooking, shopping, fashion, l'amour, living.

Dislikes: people with no fashion sense, salty foods.


Most of Francis' past is unknown due to his amnesia. What he can remember is being a normal, if flirtatious baker in a small French townn in the early 1300s. There didn't seem to be anything wrong or unusual in his life, but then there is the blank in his memory, after which he can only remember being a ghost.

He spent most of his life travelling, being the wandering spirit he is, and as such has slept with half the world by this point and is on first-name terms with the rest. Strange for a ghost to be such a socialite, but it would seem that through one way or another he has built an odd sort of network of acquaintances and "friends" of the supernatural variety. He met Gilbert during the French Revolution, finding the demon watching nobles going up to the chopping block with a gleeful look on his face. Such an influx of prideful people would be great fun, he said. Roderich and Elizaveta he encountered one day as he was floating around looking for a body, and they so kindly offered him one, for a price. He ended up working for them for a while. Ludwig and Feliciano he came across while traveling up from the south of France to the north, chatting amiably with the Italian werewolf in a bar. He knew Gabriel by reputation, but was surprised to see Antonio in his true form, as he'd made friends with the human version of him many hundreds of years ago. And as for Arthur , the two have kept in contact with each other, despite both of them claiming to dislike the other intensely.