Age: 25

Birthday: January 30th 1985

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Species: Human

Likes: talking, shopping, magical creatures (cute ones especially), sleepovers, Toris.

Dislikes: strangers, people making fun of him, those meanie Hunter people.


Feliks inherited The Menagerie from his grandmother, who raised him, and from the start had been a bit... weird. He was tormented regularly at school for his manner of speech, his missing father, and his preference for playing with the girls. Entering gimnazjum (Middle School/Junior High in Poland), he started wearing the girl's school uniform. He was excused from gym class due to having asthma (or so a letter from his grandmother claimed). The teachers, unaware that Feliks was actually a biological male, treated him as a girl.

Nobody realised, until an exchange student, a boy from Lithuania called Toris, walked in on Feliks changing one day. Feliks, for once overcoming his fear of strangers, pulled the "if you tell anyone I own a dragon that can kill you" card on poor Toris. And this was how the two met, and became best friends. Eventually, when Feliks' grandmother died, Toris moved in with Feliks and, eventually, started running The Menagerie.

Despite being 100% human, Feliks and Toris both have become well aquainted with the vampires, werewolves, witches, warlocks, and many other supernatural creatures that visit their "zoo", mostly for fun but sometimes for research, or rare ingredients (Feliks charges a very high price for dragon blood). This association with the supernatural has put them on the Hunter's dangerous list, though their comrades have done everything in their power to magically and physically guard The Menagerie from outsiders.

This protection was only made stronger by Feliks' newly added status as an information broker. Thanks to Toris' cousin Eduard, a mole working within the Hunters, he could sell information on the Hunters' movements to any bidder, for the right price. Feliks drives a hard bargin, but if you want to stay undetected in the world of today, you need to keep on his good side.