Feliciano half-transformed


Age: ??

Birthday: 8th July (the day he was turned)

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Species: Werewolf

Likes: Pasta, sleeping, playing, Ludwig, chasing his tail, chasing Ludwig's tail, chewing bones, ice cream, pretty girls who will stroke him.

Dislikes: Vampires, being yelled at, being hit, scary people.


Feliciano can't remember who he was before he became a werewolf, and only vaguely remembers his name. Unfortunately, this is common amongst the species, and his Alpha Ludwig is also affected, but he doesn't let it get him down. Ludwig found him shivering and alone in the snow on a mountain during the full moon, and turned him then and there. Feliciano adapted to the life of a werewolf with some difficulty, as he didn't like the pain the transformations came with. But, as a natural free spirit, he loved the travelling aspect, visiting places all over the world and trying the food there. Whenever he and Ludwig are short on cash, he'll offer to cook food for someone, or sell a painting he's done, and that'll get them going again.

He's lazy by nature but will protect his pack if they're attacked, though he'll he whining and squeaking with terror all the way. He cries easily and can be quite immature, but on the whole retains the personality of an excitable puppy more than anything else.

Sometimes things will spark off a memory, and he'll go very still and quiet for a while, trying to hold onto it, before it slips away. His disappointment will only last until he gets distracted by something shiny, though.