== Stats==

Age: ????

Birthday: ????

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Species: Demon.

Likes: Roderich, Roderich's music, smacking things, burying things, killing things, chopping things up, drinking and sword fighting.

Dislikes: Freeloaders, people annoying her, people annoying Roderich, people even touching Roderich, churches.


A demon under the command of Wrath, Elizaveta has been working alongside Roderich as his technical bouncer for thousands of years. She tears up the bodies of Roderich's victims for selling on the black market, and also for her own enjoyment.

However, Elizaveta didn't start off as a demon. She was not, as they say, "hellspawned". Elizaveta was once Ezriel, an angel before the Fall. She was content with her life as part of the army of God, but always curious. After passing by Lucifer preaching on a street corner one day, she began to have doubts about God, and eventually became poisoned against Him entirely. She brought her friend, another angel called Pruflas, to listen to Lucifer's arguments, hoping he would also understand the problem. To her surprise, he ran off. She teased him about it relentlessly, mostly as a friendly jab at his inflated pride.

Once on Lucifer's side, she started to help train the angels who were planning to rebel. This was how she met Rofocale, an architect angel interested in taking up the sword for the first time. He was terrible at it, and she should have sent him home, but found she liked him. So Ezriel tried putting him with the army musicians. He conducted and played so well that the armies of Lucifer were bolstered and cheered, morale soaring. It was then she started to fall a little in love with him.

Around this time, she was inspecting the ranks, when a familiar face refused to answer her "sir". Pruflas, grinning cockily, proclaimed that he wasn't a coward, but had only run away to train on his own. Ezriel didn't believe a word of it, but let Pruflas stay on. She'd much rather have her friend by her side.

Of course, the rebellion went horribly wrong. Ezriel was thrown out of heaven, Falling into Hell. She screamed and writhed and hated God for this punishment. Then she saw that Rofocale and Pruflas had also Fallen. Feeling the guilt of having a hand in their Fall, she swore to herself to stand by them, whatever it took, no matter how much Pruflas hated Rofocale, they'd stick together, because down here, everyone was so angry, that nothing was safe.

So she changed her name to Elizaveta, Pruflas became Gilbert, and Rofocale became Roderich. She came up with the idea to work with Roderich as a team to ensnare more humans into greed and wrath, as they were assigned to do. Gilbert prefered to work on his own rather than with Roderich, so she let him do as he wished. She did, however, intervene when Gilbert brought home a hellspawn kid called Dumas, knowing that Gilbert wasn't exactly great with kids.