Demons are from hell. There's a no brainer.

Demons have a hierarchy, better known as the "lowerarchy", comprised of the following titles:

  1. King (this is reserved for Satan only)
  2. Prince (and/or potentate)
  3. Sin (as in, the embodiment of a sin of which there are seven)
  4. Duke (usually in servitude to one of the seven sins)
  5. Marquis (likewise, in servitude to a duke)
  6. Earl (in servitude to a Marquis)
  7. Demon (grunt workers, general term, usually hell-spawned and damned)

Within the Sins, there are seven High Demons, all Fallen Angels.

  • Lucifer - Pride
  • Mammon - Greed
  • Asmodeus - Lust
  • Leviathan - Envy
  • Beelzebub - Gluttony
  • Amon - Wrath
  • Belphegor (aka Belial) - Sloth

Most of the time they're quite an amiable group of people, albeit the kind who would gladly drag your soul down to hell. They sure know how to party though, as long as you don't mind waking up with your house smelling of sulpher.

Fallen vs Damned vs HellspawnEdit

Fallen are, as indicated by the name, fallen angels. Usually they date back from the time of the original Fall, with Lucifer at the head, and thus are the oldest and generally the most powerful of demons. They retain the ability to manifest wings, though the colour may be slightly tainted. They, as with all demons, also have horns and tails. These are often also the most melancholy of Hell's residents; as they recall losing heaven. Many are bitter about it, and thus hold a grudge against humans for their ability to enter Heaven. Examples: Gilbert , Elizaveta , Roderich .

Damned are humans who, despite being damned to hell either by their sins, are elected or nominated to become demons themselves. This is usually reserved for those humans who have befriended demons, or those humans who were simply so evil in life that it would be a waste of their talents just to eat their souls. They don't often rise any higher in status than that of a Marquis. Examples: Maya, Li Shui.

Hellspawn start off as miscelanious collections of sin right down in the pits. Mostly they don't even have a proper consciousness. Over time, however, there can be enough of one particular sin (that doesn't properly fall under the category of any major Sin) for it to manifest in a physical form with a single mind. At that point the hellspawn will probably take a more beastial form, followed by a human form, before coming into employment somewhere in the ranks of hell. From there they can develop as complex a personality and mind as any human, though it is all dependant on their surroundings and their job. Example: Dumas

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