Antonio in cat form


Age: ??

Birthday: 12th October

Hair: Brown (White and brown in cat form)

Eyes: Olive green.

Species: Cursed Human

Likes: Gabriel, fish, warm places, spicy food, dancing, Francis, upbeat music, sunshine and Lovino.

Dislikes: Arthur, being cursed, water, cold places.


Cursed to be a cat by a witch that his brother was hunting, Antonio has had to deal with being stuck as a cat for hundreds of years. Luckily, the curse came with the side effect of making him semi-immortal, in that he can't die from old age simply because he doesn't age while in cat form. As a cat, he has the bonus of being able to detect evil just by sensing the atmosphere in that way only animals seem to be able to, thus warning his brother ahead of time.

After Gabriel met Arthur, the former bargained with the latter to use his magic to return Antonio to normal. Unfortunately, the curse was incredibly strong as the witch had cast it in her dying moments. All Arthur was able to do was restore Antonio's speach while he was in cat form, and give him momentary but unpredictable moments when he could be human again. Despite having a grudging respect for the vampire's help, he still hates him because he's such a danger to his brother, and also made Gabriel fall head over heels in love with him, which simply has to be some kind of vampire magic or something.