1-al kirk

Alfred Kirkland as a teen


Age: 108 (Presumed dead)

Birthday: 4th March 1669

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue, turn red when hungry, startled or angered.

Species: Vampire

Likes: Rabbits, games, swimming, warm fireplaces, Matthew, new machines, plays, justice.

Dislikes: hunting, rain, vampirism.


Arthur turned Alfred into a vampire after he found him all alone in a field at night, having run away from his arguing parents at home. Once a vampire, Alfred proved to be very good at hunting despite his young age, but never seemed to take as much pleasure out of a kill as the rest of his coven-mates did. In fact, he never killed anyone at all, just scavenged from everyone else's hunts. He only ate because he had to. James, Arthur's elder brother, often accused him of being an idealist, and to get to grips with the real world already. But Alfred was determined to be able to change things. He presented his idea to Arthur, knowing the man was well learned in the magical arts and knew much more than he did about the technical bits of being a vampire. To his surprise, Arthur had never even thought about getting rid of his vampirism, and seemed stunned at the very idea. He rejected the claim as nonsense, something Alfred found extremely patronising. He tried to do research himself, but found nothing.

Alfred became quite smitten with a girl from a town nearby, who sold tobacco on street corners to passing men. However, the turning point came when Alfred found that she'd been brought back to the coven "for dinner" as it were. After one last argument with Arthur over how they were all monsters and he would cure them or kill them for the sake of the world, he left, and nothing more is known of him.